Preparation meeting for the project: “Climate Change and Water Supply in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam”

The project “Climate change and water supply in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam” is implemented to improve water supply by enhancing the availability of water resources, reduce impacts of climate change over the water supply companies in the Mekong River Delta.


 The project will reduce the amount of water lost and energy use in its operations and supply water to households and industries. In addition, the project will also conduct research activities and plan to respond to climate change for water supply companies.

The main contents discussed during the project planning meeting:

-          Welcome all partners

-          Presentation on the Sustainable Water Fund (SWF) by VEI (Project Summary)

-          Grant decision exchange

-          Discussions on Vietnamese legal procedures for the start-up

-          Discussion on means of communication, main contact persons

-          Project Actions for the next three months

-          Division on tasks

-          Closure

  The meeting was very successful, all sides participating in the meeting have contributed comments and agreed on modules of implementation of the project, helping to provide clean water in the direction of sustainability for the households in Mekong Delta region.