On July 28th 2023, the Research Institute for Climate Change (the DRAGON-Mekong Institute), Can Tho University, hosted Dr. Jacob Weger, from Seton Hall University, USA. His talk was part of a larger series of activities to mark the DRAGON-Mekong Institute’s 15-year anniversary, specifically aimed at strengthening research and cooperation opportunities with our global partners towards a more resilient and sustainable future for our Mekong Delta.

Dr. Jacob Weger kindly provided a talk entitled “Muddy Modifications: An exploration of the adaptive potential in small-scale manipulations of a dynamic environment”. His work used analytical methods based on historical models, visual observations and actual evidence in order to draw conclusions about bottom-up climate change adaptation activities of local people in Tra Vinh.

Dr. Jacob Weger considered that small-scale adaptation activities by people can bring many practical effects attached to specific conditions in the study area; his results can be selectively applied in order to enhance adaptation capacity for different communities of the Mekong Delta. Some questions and concerns were discussed during the exchange, including of:

- The effectiveness of adaptation solutions to climate change impacts in the Mekong Delta (economic - social - environmental effectiveness).

-  Integrating equality and equity factors into planned climate change adaptation responses.

- The obstacles and challenges in implementing adaptation solutions in different communities, in particular the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

- The adaptation of sustainability and stability factors into climate change adaptation solutions of people in the Mekong Delta.

 Dr. Jacob Weger presenting his recent research findings

                          DRAGON-Mekong and CTU staff exchanged and discussed their firsthand knowledge of the challenges for adaptation solutions                                 in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

Poster: Tran Quoc Dung