The DRAGON Institute - Mekong – CTU (in Vietnam also called the "Research Institute for Climate Change - CanTho University") was established jointly by the governments of the US and Vietnam for cooperation in research and training to maintain healthy ecosystems and the sustainability of major river deltas in a changing climate. 

The mission of the Institute is to become an internationally recognized centre of excellence for research and training on the impacts of climate change on major river deltas, and enhancing the resilience of delta communities and ecosystems to climate change. This will be achieved by:

  • Providing a focal point for research and training on climate change in the Mekong Delta;
  • Initiating, coordinating and collaborating in multi-disciplinary and cross-sectorial research on climate change in the Mekong Delta and other major river deltas.
  • Providing sound, scientifically-based advice to all stakeholders, including local communities and government and non-government organisations at local, regional, national and international levels.
  • Promoting partnerships in research and mitigation activities between scientists, local communities, government institutions and other stakeholders.
  • Networking with other DRAGON institutes, Universities, government institutions, NGOs and donors to maximize the effectiveness of research and its application to the management of climate change, particularly in major river deltas.