The British Council hosted an online and direct seminar on the Mekong Partnership Seminar -  Education and Research Cooperation on the afternoon of May 19, 2022, at the Hall of the Learning Resource Center - Can Tho University. Ms. Hoang Van Anh, Director of Education and Social Programs at the British Council, and Ms. Donna McGowan, Director of the British Council in Vietnam, as well as representatives from the departments of education and training, and universities in the Mekong Delta, attended the seminar.

Delegates attending the Seminar

Ms. Donna McGowan shared at the seminar about previous cooperation projects, confirming that this is an excellent opportunity to expand cooperation relations between Can Tho University and universities in the Mekong Delta region with UK partners. She expects that the parties will enhance their cooperative partnerships in the future, especially in the fields of education, capacity-building programs, and inspiring young people. Besides, she stated that Can Tho University is an important partner in the Mekong Delta region. Therefore, strengthening cooperation with Can Tho University and other universities in the region is an important task for the British Council and the UK in the near future.

Ms. Donna McGowan, Director of the British Council in Vietnam, spoke

Ms. Hoang Van Anh, a British Council representative, shared about the activities the British Council has been doing to help promote the internationalization of higher education, including activities carried out in the Mekong Delta region and Mekong River Basin, as well as opportunities for future cooperation between the parties. Simultaneously, she also discussed the UK's educational development priorities for Vietnam in important areas.

Ms. Hoang Van Anh, Education and Social Program Director of the British Council, shared at the seminar

MSc. Dao Phong Lam, Deputy Director of the Center for Quality Management, represented the group of reporters from Can Tho University to present cooperation opportunities related to higher education in the Mekong Delta in terms of teaching, research, and mobility, as well as an overview of the Mekong Delta and outline the region's higher education, hereby providing opportunities for collaboration in teaching, research, and mobility, and some recommendations for stakeholders to consider and implement in the coming years.

MSc. Dao Phong Lam shares about cooperation opportunities related to higher education in the Mekong Delta

Vietnamese governments during the seminar. The representatives unanimously agreed that Vietnam is an important partner of the Welsh Government and highly appreciated the cooperation progress of the two governments in recent times. The Taith Wales programme, in particular, is for young people who are high school students, university students, and members of youth organisations, with the main slogan being "Taking Wales to the world and bringing the world to Wales". The programme will provide opportunities for students to volunteer, study, and conduct research in other countries.

Representatives from organizations in Wales shared at the Talks

Closing the Seminar was Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phuong Hoang Yen's presentation on the university's role in contributing to the development of education in the community through cooperation projects of the School of Foreign Languages - Can Tho University in collaboration with the British Council to improve the quality of teaching foreign languages. In particular, the Digital English Theater Project implemented in 2021 is funded by the British Council with the goal of assisting teachers in incorporating the Digital English Theater method as a teaching method to improve the quality of English language teaching, communication capacity, and learning motivation of teachers and students. The Digital English Theater Project has received high praise from teachers and students for more effectively promoting English learning, which is the driving force behind the further development of the Teacher Support Project, which will be conducted in 2022 to support the training of groups of English teachers and teachers of Mathematics and Science.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phuong Hoang Yen, Vice Dean of School of Foreign Languages, Can Tho University, shared about cooperation projects with the British Council