On June 26, 2022, Mr. Thomas M. Schmidt, Director of the Regional Office of Environment, Science, Technology and Health, East and Southeast Asia Center, U.S. Embassy in Bangkok (Thailand), Mr. Matthew E. Andersen, United State Geological Survey (USGS) visited and worked at the Institute for Climate Change Research (DRAGON-Mekong Institute),  Can Tho University. Participants include the researchers, personnel, and Assoc. Prof. Van Pham Dang Tri, director of the DRAGON-Mekong Institute.

During the discussion, the two sides talked about the completion of the Nexview project between Arizona State University (ASU), the USGS, and the DRAGON-Mekong Institute, environmental concerns in the Mekong Delta,  and the possibility of future cooperation.

Delegation working at DRAGON-Mekong Institute

Mr. Matthew E. Andersen reported the main results of the NexView project. He also highly appreciated the potential for cooperation between the USGS and the DRAGON-Mekong Institute in further projects, especially the second phase of the upcoming project. 

Mr. Matthew E. Andersen discusses environmental issues in the Mekong Delta

Some pictures at the meeting: