On May 10th, 2023, the Director of the Research Institute for Climate Change (DRAGON-Mekong Institute), Assoc.Prof.Dr. Van Pham Dang Tri and the staff welcomed and worked with the Cooperation and Participation in Overseas NGOs (COPION) in Korea.

The purpose of the visit was to find out more about the effects of climate change in the Mekong Delta and Can Tho City, specifically on agricultural development, community livelihood development, and urban water management; Climate risks in Can Tho City; Research projects that have been and are being conducted by the Institute; and opportunities for research collaboration to support vulnerable communities affected by climate change impacts, such as drainage issues, were discussed.

Some photos

 COPION delegation presented research orientation in Can Tho City

 Dr. Dinh Diep Anh Tuan presented flood prevention strategies in Can Tho City

Discuss potential areas of cooperation between the two organizations

The souvenir photograph between DRAGON-Mekong Institute staff and COPION

 Poster: Tran Quoc Dung